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Acquire a Golden Visa directly from UAE Real Estate Developers

The Dubai Real Estate Market has reached its highest recorded sales figures since 2009 in June – AED 22.7 billion. This accounts for almost 71 percent of the total Dubai Real Estate Market Sales in 2021. Due to the recent boom in the Dubai Real Estate Market, UAE Developers are working to implement the Golden Visa Strategy attracting Foreign Investors in Dubai.

The process applies to those who are eligible for acquiring a UAE Golden Visa, with developers backing up the process and shouldering most of the costs associated with the Visa Application. This change has expected to create a drive of foreign investments to Dubai and eventually increasing the property prices in the future.

People who wish to take advantage of this opportunity, should consider purchasing a property off plan or with a mortgage right now to have an option to choose Dubai’s Golden Visa with a 10-year residency policy.

 Dubai Land Development (DLD) are looking at this plan as a game changer strategy for the UAE Real Estate industry and to bring more investments into Dubai.

Ontario Housing Market
Top 10 Areas where Ontario Real Estate Market could see the biggest price drop (Click here to read more)...

Everyone knows that Bank of Canada has raised their interest rates in an effort to combat inflation.

The Ontario’s housing market was red hot for years now, and as a result of the rising interest rates the average price of a home in Canada fell 2.6% in March and went further down to 3.8% in April, reaching an “inflection point” as per Desjardins.

Some even predict that Housing Prices in Ontario can fall further by 18%. The prices are expected to go down severely in areas that saw the biggest increase during the pandemic and therefore causing an erosion of affordability.

As the graph above indicates, Toronto market might take slower to cool down or have a better chance of sustaining higher prices, whereas rural areas away from Toronto could soon see a price drop sooner.

Bancroft has seen the largest decline in prices, followed by Chatham Kent and Windsor-Essex, Tillsonburg, Woodstock and so on.

Ontario Housing Market