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Jeevan Punni is passionate about new land developments which led him to the position of a Real Estate Broker. He has over ten years of experience within the industry and he has succeeded to excel in working with some of the biggest developers in the GTA such as Lifetime, Centre Court, Empire Developments, Tridel Developments, Fernbrook and many more.

Jeevan Punni is Ranked #14th in all of Canada. He has received The Hall of Fame status in 2012. He has received RE/MAX Internationals Chairmans Club Award for outstanding year to date sales. He has also received Top Platinum Producer Award and the Top Individual Salesperson Award, As well as a $10 000 Grand Year End Prize amongst all realtors Baker Real Estate Award for selling highest number of suites at any new Condominium sales office.

Jeevan’s passion is to deliver his clients with exceptional services and developments that exceeds their expectations and their dreams. Jeevan loves to be actively involved in all aspects of the community. You can find him promoting and sponsoring entertainment events such as The South Asian Trade Show, Garba Shows, Bollywood events and events at the Living Arts Centre, as well as sponsoring children’s soccer teams, (police) and contributing to food banks and charities. 

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Jeevan Punni, Broker of Record
HomeLife G1 Realty Inc. Brokerage


Jeevan Punni has always had this entrepreneurial spirit in him since his early teen age. He started and flourished several home based and small businesses.

Eventually, he has established himself as a seasoned business person with proven Pre-Construction Real Estate brokerage and several other businesses including:

1) Homelife G1 Realty, Inc
2) G1 Productions

Homelife G1 Realty Inc

Jeevan’s primary focus remains on HomeLife G1 Realty Inc. and its ongoing commitment to provide an elevated level of personal service. His clients come first, and as a result, they are able to achieve more than they ever dreamed with their real estate investment.

Because Homelife G1 Realty expects more from their associates, their clients can expect more from them when it comes to the important sale or purchase of their property.

At HomeLife G1 Realty Inc., Brokerage* we uphold an ongoing commitment to providing an elevated level of personal service. 

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G1 Productions

Any Real Estate Business can not thrive without excellent photography & videography. Jeevan’s vision of Real Estate growth resulted in commissioning of G1 Productions that provide their customers with affordable photography and video production services for all their Real Estate Needs, Residential and Commercial shoots, virtual tours, special events, promotional videos, head shots and video interviews, as well their Marketing needs as a Realtor.

The G1 Productions Team consists of Professional Photographers and Videographers with a very broad experience. They also have Post-Production in-house services for photo and video editing, retouching that enhances the pictures. Their Production team has experience capturing informative and interactive virtual tours and promotional videos which engage with the viewer and allow them to fully explore their property.

For Radio Advertisement they have the Prime-time Radio spots which gives them significant Reach to the South Asian community which results into sales conversion. They also have voice-overs to help customers create a great Advertisement that showcases and markets their skills.

Questions & Answers

1). How can Jeevan Punni Help Me Find a New Home?

As a Broker of Record of HomeLife G1 Realty Inc. and with over 10+ years of experience as a Real Estate Agent, Jeevan Punni has a deep understanding of the Canadian Real Estate Market and abroad. With over thousands of active real estate clients, Jeevan has helped many people learn how to buy, sell, and invest in real estate for years. He holds one of the largest, most productive real estate brokerage located in Ontario and has over 400+ real estate agents currently working under his guidance. His reputation, years of successful track record, and passion about selling pre construction homes in Canada, has made him one of the top performing agents that many real estate Developers trust and rely upon. Wether it comes to buying condos in Toronto or buying a house in Kitchener, Jeevan can definately help you find the right property at the right price.

2). Why Should I Invest In Pre Construction Properties?

There are many reasons why you should consider buying a Pre Construction Real Estate Property. When buying a pre construction house in Canada, the home comes with a warranty, which means that home and common areas are insured. Pre construction Homes have brand new appliances, as well as incentives that are provided by the builder of the property from time to time.

Buyers have a lot of time until the closure of a property. Some buyers have the ability to save up years until providing their full down payment. This acts as a significant agdvantage to buyers as they lock in their price early on during the pre construction phase, and reap benefits of appreciating values as time goes along until moving in. So, your pre construction home could have a significantly higher value compared to the price you signed during the sales agreement.

Many Builders provide rental gurantees to their home buyers, which means after purchasing the property and finding a tenent for your home, the builders ensure stable monthly rental payment in case your tenant defaults or falls behind his payment. This gurantees the new home buyer that their rental amount upto a certain monthly payment would be covered and you will not suffer a financial loss. Pet owners also have the perk to bring their own pets safely, as new build pre construction homes are pet friendly.

The typical deposit structure on a pre construction home is between 15%-20% which is spread out and paid over 18-24 months or even longer especially in the case of line of credit.


3). How can I KickStart My Real Estate Career?

HomeLife G1 Realty Inc. Brokerage is commited to providing high value to its real estate agents and support them throughout the ups and down of their real estate career. After you join HomeLife G1 Realty Brokerage, our team of dedicated professional will help you understand the Real Estate Market and provide trainings each week to horne your skills such as Email Marketing, Lead Generation, perparing listing agreements, offers, and processing real estate deals.

Jeevan Punni has first access to Multiple Pre Construction Projects and provides his agents Marketing Assests for selling these projects before anyone else does. This serves as a huge advatage to your real estate career as your clients can benefit investing in projects that are high value and can have huge potential of growth.

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